7 Wardrobe Design According to Your Needs

The wardrobe helps you keep your clothes neat. However, the election cannot be carried out carelessly. Ideally, the design of the wardrobe should be suitable for the interior of the room, having an equivalent area and maximum function.

Right now, are you confused about determining the right wardrobe design to be placed in the bedroom? To help you, We will inspire a wardrobe design that you can choose as needed!

1.Sliding Wardrobe Design

Sliding Wardrobe Designs

The first choice, you can choose the sliding wardrobe design. Even though this wardrobe design was originally only popular in Japan and China, you can adopt it in the master bedroom because of its contemporary design. You can choose the sliding wardrobe design model that is equipped with glass to give a broad effect on the room, while the number of doors can be adjusted according to your room size.

2.Wardrobe Design Cropping Model

Wardrobe Design Cropping Model

In addition to providing a neat look, this wardrobe design also gives the dimensions of space to your bedroom walls. It is suitable for use in a bedroom with a narrow size, wardrobe design cropping models also consist of various variations, where you can choose the model of a closet that integrates with the work table or bed. Just choose according to your needs!

3.Wardrobe Design with Mirror

Design Wardrobe with Mirror

Having a modern design, this wardrobe design with mirror will give a wide effect to your room. Moreover, you are the one who adopts white shades in the bedroom, because the mirror will maximize the reflection of light so that it looks brighter and more spacious. Well, if you put the wardrobe design with a mirror like in the example, then you don’t need to spend another budget to buy a dressing table.

4.Scandinavian Wardrobe Design

Scandinavian Wardrobe Design

With its simple appearance, this one wardrobe design is ready to sweeten the interior of a Scandinavian-style room. This wardrobe design has a maximum function through the addition of a drawer at the bottom to enable storing underwear or accessories.

5.Multifunctional Wardrobe Design

Multifunctional Wardrobe Design

If your room is very small in size, you can choose a multifunctional wardrobe design that integrates with the bed. Besides being very practical, this wardrobe model can maximize the rest of your limited space, where the drawer section under the bed can be used to store clothes.

6.Wardrobe Design with Hanger

Wardrobe Design with Hanger

Now, if you choose a drawer cabinet, then you need a place to hang clothes to keep it neat and tangle. No need to buy additional cabinets, you can be creative by placing a hanger or coat hanger so that it is more practical and economical. In addition, your room will also look more neat and aesthetic, you know!

7.Pinless Wardrobe Design

Pinless Wardrobe Design

Do you want to present an open but neat impression? You can place a wardrobe design without a door like in the picture. Not only allows you to store and hang clothes in large numbers, this wardrobe design is also very suitable for you who adopt a practical lifestyle because it makes it easy for you to choose clothes to wear.

The wardrobe design above can be adjusted according to your needs, room size, and interior concept so that the placement looks more balanced. Don’t forget, also find a variety of stylish and functional wardrobe designs at our website.

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