12 Genius Wooden Stair Design You’ve Never Seen

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A house with a modern style is synonymous with a combination of simple designs with a futuristic impression.

Not only can it be seen in the decorative ornaments and furnishings, the simple and futuristic impression of a modern house can also be seen in building elements, namely the design of the roof, ceiling, and even the connecting floors such as stairs of various materials.

For example, a wooden ladder. Wooden stairs can be an interesting option to complement a modern home design. Want to know what wooden stair design are right for a modern home? Come have a look together!

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1. Storage space under the multifunctional wooden stair Design

multifunctional wooden stairs

Need more storage space at home? This wooden ladder design is ready to answer your needs. The bottom of the steps is used as a cupboard under the stairs for versatile storage.

At first glance, this wooden staircase even looks like a row of storage cabinets arranged according to height. Because of its unique shape, the cabinets on this staircase are made of custom cabinets so they can blend harmoniously. How unique!

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