5 Japanese Garden Designs that Captivate the Eyes

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In this world there are many garden designs, but the most common and popular among the people could be Japanese garden designs. This Japanese garden design not only has a very harmonious impression, but also captivates the eye. Anyone who sees or is in it will feel at home.

Japanese gardens are dominated by all-green elements, rocks, wood and water. For those of you who are interested in bringing a Japanese garden at home, let’s look at the following 5 Japanese garden designs that captivate the eyes as inspiration!

1. Design a Japanese garden with a gazebo

Japanese garden with a gazebo

Large land is preferred because there are many elements that can be placed there. Garden design choices can be more diverse. One of them is the following Japanese garden design that can be equipped with a large pool and a gazebo.

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For the gazebo, make a Japanese style with a semi-open nature and use wood material. As for the pool, multiply decorations from stones. Don’t forget to add some green plants like Japanese pine in some corners. The result is very comfortable to relax in the afternoon.

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