Get to Know the Smart Home System for Residential!

Not only mobile phones can be made smart, but homes can too! With a smart home system facility, you will feel more comfortable and practical living in a residence because all interactions related to installation and settings related to electricity at home can be done more easily.

Smart home basically refers to technology-based residences. It is this technology base that ultimately makes controlling or regulating electrical appliances in the residence can be done automatically. In fact, you can turn on the television or turn off the lights and AC from a distance!

The smart home system itself has become increasingly popular in recent times. However, even in old homes, the smart home concept can be applied by creating a special additional system.

Well, before making a decision to implement or buy a new home with a smart home system, first identify the facts through our review below!

Smart Lock Application

Smart Lock Application

Do you know one of the characteristics of a residence that implements a smart home system ? Most smart homes can be detected from the use of their house keys, where this house tends to use smart locks.

Generally, there is no keyhole in these door models. With a smart lock system , you can open the door using your fingerprint, eye recording, or password that can even be accessed via a smartphone.

Mobile Settings

smart home system control via cell phone

Smartphones or smartphones can be said to be one of the backbones of a smart home. This is because the technology applied in smart home systems is usually always connected to all smartphone devices.

So, you can control various home appliances, from turning on the lights to adjusting the room temperature with just one touch via a smartphone in your hand.

Well, because it is connected via a smartphone, the settings for various electronic equipment can be controlled remotely.

Can do with Voice

implementation of smart home system with voice

Do you like watching movies or dramas where the actors can control all household electronic equipment with just their voice? It is actually also part of the smart home ! You can do the same if you apply a smart home speaker system .

This technology allows you to do various things with just your voice, such as turning on the lights to asking for the weather forecast. No need to wonder why this technology can do this.

The reason is, the smart home speaker system is connected to a search engine, such as Google or Amazon which then processes the words you say to be directly connected to a wireless service on a smartphone that functions as a remote.

Practical and Save Electricity

application of smart home system in residential

Maybe you are thinking, why are many houses starting to implement a smart home system . The answer is because this automatic control system can make your life more practical and comfortable.

When you want to sleep, you don’t have to walk to turn off the lights because you can control it via your smartphone.

The temperature of the air conditioner can also be adjusted according to the temperature outside the room and the number of people so that its use is more optimal. If you can make life easier, it will be very fun, right?

Password Must be Strong

Password Must be Strong

Smart home is practical, but you also have to know the risks. Because it is set automatically using the internet, there is a possibility that the smart home system in your residence is hacked or encounters a bug when executing an order.

In an effort to overcome this, you must use a strong password to access the settings of various household appliances on the smart home. A strong password will reduce the chances of the system being leaked or hacked.

There must be a backup

smart home system backup

One of the obstacles to implementing a smart home system is unstable electricity conditions. Of course this can interfere with the network and internet connection for setting up appliances in a smart home.

Not to mention there is a risk of power outages that can make smart home residents trapped in the house when using smart locks or smart security.

So, so that this doesn’t happen, it’s best when you decide to implement a smart home network, you also prepare a back-up or security system to deal with problematic electricity or internet.

You can also use a smart lock door system which is also equipped with a manual lock to make it more secure.

How about you, are you more interested in implementing a smart home system in your home?

Make sure you don’t only focus on the advantages, but also pay attention to the risks that may occur so that you always feel safe and comfortable in your home. Hopefully this article is useful, thanks!

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