Inexpensive but Luxurious, See 8 Simple Minimalist Home Design!

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Choosing a simple minimalist home theme is suitable especially for those of you who don’t have a lot of budget to spend. Regardless of the size of your simple minimalist home, still budget priority must be prioritized. Therefore, we wants to share affordable, simple minimalist home design that look attractive and remain elegant at all times.

Because, having a simple minimalist home does not always have to be with expensive items. Let’s see together eight simple minimalist home design which is not expensive!

1.Simple Minimalist House with a Chic Family Room

Simple Minimalist House with a Chic Family Room

This first minimalist simple home inspiration inspired a comfortable and chic living room or family room without a lot of heavy furniture. One way to keep referring to the theme of a simple minimalist home is to reduce excessive use of furniture, but the room can still have adequate functions.

By choosing a minimalist white sofa and some decorative cushions as accessories, this simple minimalist home provides comfortable seating for two to three people.

Additional solutions also appear from comfortable brightly colored carpets. Also visible are two other furniture in the form of a simple coffee table and a bulkhead rack. Thanks to the right decoration with a neat minimalist touch, the whole room presents a decent minimalist home design that is worthy of a friendly price.

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