Simple But Luxurious 12 Minimalist Kitchen Designs of 2 x 2 sizes

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It is undeniable that today’s houses are available in small sizes due to limited land and the high price of land. This also has an impact on the size of the spaces in the house, including the kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen design is an interior design that is often used by many people because it can create a wider impression than the original.

Are you one of those who want to apply a minimalist kitchen design at home? If so, check out some of the ideas for a minimalist 2 x 2 kitchen design that we collected below!

1. Minimalist kitchen with a touch of gray

Minimalist kitchen gray

This minimalist kitchen is dominated by all white furniture with gray on the upper and lower cabinets.

Besides giving a little accent to the kitchen, gray can create a modern impression and not get dirty easily. In order to use the kitchen space more efficiently, choose a U-shaped cupboard like this one.

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In addition, you only need to turn your body when you want to wash vegetables in the sink or when you want to organize food. Besides being minimalist, this kitchen also saves electricity because it has a skylight that is a pathway for sunlight during the day.

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